in loving memory of scoliosis

I’ve just read your post and I had the feeling you were referring to me, like it is something I would describe while writing about my spinal fusion story.

thank you for encouraging me to write this post back to you. and you. and you.


I went to see a masseuse the other day, and I was told I have ‘mild spinal deformation‘. I keep forgetting that my spine is not completely straight, but I could never forget what it looked like before the operation. 10 years ago it changed my life. I will never know if it made me a better person, but for sure it helped me get through. It made me accept things and people as they are, and to care less about superficial things. it taught me not to complain much and to endure more, and to be thankful for this fragile life and for people who make you forget the pain.
still it sometimes makes me grumpy, nervous, and bitchy; but you should never wonder ‘why me?’, because everything happens for a reason. I know I’m exceptional, just like everyone else. I didn’t miss anything, I only gained. Besides, it’s good to know if the weather is going to change up front!

I don’t need to talk about the physical pain and mental sufffering you experience in such situation. for those who have been through something similar, know the feeling. those who haven’t, probably don’t even care.

but let me tell you something else. at that time I was 15. scared and clueless about life and about my future. not to mention how vain I was, always thinking about what would the others think. I was told I can get the scar removed two years later, so I had to wait. but soon I’ve realized I’m never getting rid of these 29 centimeters. this scar is the best thing on my body. I even decided to make a tattoo on. I put it above the scar, not over it, cause I wanted to highlight it, not hide it.


the quote I put was not any kind of philosophical or motivational saying, but just something I found on graffiti wall in some random alley in Greece several years ago. I don’t even know the author. it is about one poor birdie which is locked in a cage,  and that is all. you can draw the conclusion yourself. the bird is either still trapped in the ribcage, or it is already gone, flying high and free. whatever you like more. it depends if you are a tragedy or a comedy person. or both. in which case you are crazy or bipolar. or just being yourself.

on my 10th anniversary I threw a party in loving memory of scoliosis. just to celebrate life, and everything that goes with it.

make the best of what you have. when life gives you lemons…oh just suck it up!!!


‘Κάποια πουλιά τραγουδούν για λευτεριά, κάποια φεύγουν και πετούν ψηλά’

(some birds sing about freedom, some leave and fly high)

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