fabric covered suitcase

I have this thing with design brands; I just don’t like seeing logos or specific labels on products, and especially don’t like to wear it if it is visible. I don’t mind possessing expensive and high quality products, but you just don’t need to let the whole world know that your purse is Prada or Gucci. It can be very tacky.

Anyway, as I decided to change my suitcase style and hide the logo, I decided to cover it up in fabric. It is very simple DIY; all you need is some thick fabric and a hot glue gun.


Measure the dimension needed, add up to one inch on the sides and fold the fabric. You can also sew the edges, but there is no need since you can glue it only. DSCN9641

Finally glue it to the suitcase part by part, so to keep the glue hot. This suitcase is not only personalized but also unique in style, so it would be really difficult to mistake it for his Kappa brothers!


I have had it for couple of years, traveled back and forth, and it is still in good shape. Now i keep it in my Athens flat and can’t wait to use it again!

have a safe trip and enjoy your next travel destination!



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