I know you _ _ _ _ me.

I know you love me although I have never heard it from you.
Your mouth speaks other language and your hands support it often.
Your lips stretch into a smile for no reason and your eyes still sometimes glow and sparkle when they talk to me.
Your hands make great makaronada and other three meals you cook, and they are looking for my pillow the moment I step out of the bed before you do in the morning. And when you wake up you call for me, and every time you unsuccessfully try to drag me back to bed. And then you pretend you were still sleeping.
I know you love me, because you let me do other things I love, cause I can create and make art or something like it all day long. And you leave me alone when I am absent-minded and never push me to talk to you.
And then you still wait for me to watch Seinfeld together.
I know you love me because you let me use all the space in our small flat with a pile of books clothes paints and handicraft stuff and you don’t complain as much as you should. And when I am messy, I am actually living in creative chaos; when you are messy, you are very untidy and should pick these socks up asap. You also iron your clothes because I leave it wrinkled after washing it.
And still you let me wear your clothes even though I smeared it with some paint and I ruined your flip-flops while mixing concrete. And you let me sleep in your clothes when you are not around. Or maybe you don’t even know it. You will probably not find out cause you don’t even read this crap.
You take care of me when I’m sick, but then I am being even more of a bitch. You made me a chicken soup which turned out to be a risotto, and then you made me eat a part of a chicken leg, which I threw away couple of days later, cause you were missing and I couldn’t eat more meat. And you got mad because there are so many poor children here and there and we waste food. Besides, neither we have money to buy new groceries every day.
And then I kicked you out of the flat cause I needed to be alone. And I didn’t want to be bitchy incompetent needy and weak. I just wanted to be alone a bit.
But it was during the day. Its 3 a.m. now and I can not fall asleep. And when you are around falling asleep is a piece of cake. Not because you are boring. Because most of the time you are not. It is because I can not miss you much if we are around all the time. I can just sleep tight and safe next to you. And wait for you to hug my pillow in the morning.
I know you love me because you hug me when I hear thunder, and when I see lightning and start swearing you always say that I will be fine.
I know you love me because you play guitar for me and make me sing greek songs with you every time you throw house concert for one.
I know you love me because even though you said you could not stand me any more, you are still here. You always come back. Because actually, you never left.

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