I know you _ _ _ _ me.

I know you love me although I have never heard it from you.
Your mouth speaks other language and your hands support it often.
Your lips stretch into a smile for no reason and your eyes still sometimes glow and sparkle when they talk to me.
Your hands make great makaronada and other three meals you cook, and they are looking for my pillow the moment I step out of the bed before you do in the morning. And when you wake up you call for me, and every time you unsuccessfully try to drag me back to bed. And then you pretend you were still sleeping.
I know you love me, because you let me do other things I love, cause I can create and make art or something like it all day long. And you leave me alone when I am absent-minded and never push me to talk to you.
And then you still wait for me to watch Seinfeld together.
I know you love me because you let me use all the space in our small flat with a pile of books clothes paints and handicraft stuff and you don’t complain as much as you should. And when I am messy, I am actually living in creative chaos; when you are messy, you are very untidy and should pick these socks up asap. You also iron your clothes because I leave it wrinkled after washing it.
And still you let me wear your clothes even though I smeared it with some paint and I ruined your flip-flops while mixing concrete. And you let me sleep in your clothes when you are not around. Or maybe you don’t even know it. You will probably not find out cause you don’t even read this crap.
You take care of me when I’m sick, but then I am being even more of a bitch. You made me a chicken soup which turned out to be a risotto, and then you made me eat a part of a chicken leg, which I threw away couple of days later, cause you were missing and I couldn’t eat more meat. And you got mad because there are so many poor children here and there and we waste food. Besides, neither we have money to buy new groceries every day.
And then I kicked you out of the flat cause I needed to be alone. And I didn’t want to be bitchy incompetent needy and weak. I just wanted to be alone a bit.
But it was during the day. Its 3 a.m. now and I can not fall asleep. And when you are around falling asleep is a piece of cake. Not because you are boring. Because most of the time you are not. It is because I can not miss you much if we are around all the time. I can just sleep tight and safe next to you. And wait for you to hug my pillow in the morning.
I know you love me because you hug me when I hear thunder, and when I see lightning and start swearing you always say that I will be fine.
I know you love me because you play guitar for me and make me sing greek songs with you every time you throw house concert for one.
I know you love me because even though you said you could not stand me any more, you are still here. You always come back. Because actually, you never left.

FAMILY wall art DIY

Once I came across this FAMILY acronym I fell for it immediately. This summer, while visiting my family and friends, I have finally decided to complete the wall ‘painting’ that remained blank for too long.

Relationships change throughout the time, especially when you are far away from your loved ones. Sometimes they fade away and eventually break, sometimes they become stronger. Family bonds are the strongest ones and do not break easily, especially if they provide support and share their unconditional love even when your don’t deserve it, even if they disagree on some choices you have made, even when you leave them behind in order to live your life differently.

this is the meaning of family. the unconditional love

FAMILY= Father and Mother I Love You

DSC_0006DSC_0005  DSC_0020 DSC_0021

fake brick colorful wall

When I decided to paint the wall across my hometown house, I didn’t have an idea for a long time. Then one day I saw graffiti ‘just another brick in the wall’, and it dawned on me: I will make fake bricks! it is simple DIY but takes time to prepare the wall and to paint it completely.


First you measure the wall you are about to paint and draw lines with the pencil. Then you randomly color the bricks with facade paint.


You can reuse the same paint many times; once you are done with one color, just add more white for lighter shade or color pigment in order to mix another color.


Once you are done with coloring, make brick contours. You can use the tape for more accurate lines, but if you hand paint directly, it will look even more realistic. You can also put the tape before you color the bricks, in order to leave the gaps white.


dinica and roses

That’s about it, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see these happy bricks again!

happy coloring!!!


Cotton clouds

I will never understand completely my fascination with the clouds. This might be the most amazing thing in nature, and yet most people have no interest in them. seeing clouds make me think of the past, of changes we are going through, but at the same time they are something static and present, today in the spur of the moment.

if you are a cloud lover, you can make this home decor with some cotton or cotton balls and fish line or some other thread (I used dental floss instead).


Form cotton in the shape of the cloud; better do not use scissors if you want to achieve The Simpsons cumulus clouds. Add the thread with glue or sew it with a needle, and tape it to your ceiling.

chaos dies


I made this clouds while still living in Croatia, and it made nice home decor, but the only thing I was looking for was the balcony with a view. Now I live in Greece and there is no room for these clouds in my small room, but instead I gaze into the most amazing clouds over the Athens sky, every day.

You are the sky. Everything else, it’s just the weather. (Pema Chodron)


clay owls and printable owl calendar

when you see them you might think these owls are difficult to make, but it is actually quite easy and simple DIY craft!DSCN1686


I have found many instructions of clay owls on Pinterest, but this one is originally taken from:


this is a great site which also provides free printables and templates. I made this owl calendar for my classroom while I was  working at school. The kids loved it! We supposed to use it to learn the days of the week and months, but we kept it all year long instead!

OWL calendar

enjoy the owl crafting!


fabric covered suitcase

I have this thing with design brands; I just don’t like seeing logos or specific labels on products, and especially don’t like to wear it if it is visible. I don’t mind possessing expensive and high quality products, but you just don’t need to let the whole world know that your purse is Prada or Gucci. It can be very tacky.

Anyway, as I decided to change my suitcase style and hide the logo, I decided to cover it up in fabric. It is very simple DIY; all you need is some thick fabric and a hot glue gun.


Measure the dimension needed, add up to one inch on the sides and fold the fabric. You can also sew the edges, but there is no need since you can glue it only. DSCN9641

Finally glue it to the suitcase part by part, so to keep the glue hot. This suitcase is not only personalized but also unique in style, so it would be really difficult to mistake it for his Kappa brothers!


I have had it for couple of years, traveled back and forth, and it is still in good shape. Now i keep it in my Athens flat and can’t wait to use it again!

have a safe trip and enjoy your next travel destination!



painted patio umbrella & marble table

My father was not very excited when I decided to buy (an ugly) concrete umbrella base, but I had something else on my mind. to paint it with colorful triangles in order to match the marble table (which was not meant to be painted either). For this project I used outdoor wall paint, and instead of buying many colors I mixed paint tints with the basic white paint. Later on I added contours so to hide some flaws that were made while painting triangles.

DSCN5297 DSCN5298

stol1 stol3 I absolutely love it! Hope this DIY will give you some ideas on how to paint concrete or any other surface!


bike spray paint

bike idea

although it is advisable to take off the old layer of paint when spray painting again, I used primer instead, and just re-painted the yellow coat of paint. this is what it looked like before:


when I decided on pink, I kept the skeleton only while spray painting which made the job easier



I added some artificial flowers and Sharpie wooden plate made from an old fruit cart:

DSCN1256 DSCN1336

aaaaaand voila!

DSCN1388blurry bike

for more photos visit https://www.facebook.com/DinicaChaos


happy birthday dear hometown

Sretan ti 127. (ili neki drugi) rođendan, moj dragi Osječe. Ovdje u Ateni i nebo plače zbog tebe i bogovi se bune, ali ti samo budi ponosan na sve one koji te kvare iz dana u dan. (2.12.2013.)

Happy birthday to my dear hometown.

I do love you, although I have left you so (un)expectedly. You will always be my lovely hometown regardless of all the bullshit you handle and idiots you have to live with. I am sorry for having been ashamed of you sometimes, but guess you left me no choice. I can’t stand your tolerance to intolerant people and I could not tolerate it anymore. Sorry for being so intolerant to you.

You suffered through lot, you were struck by war. You kept me alive, but I was still falling apart. The majority of destroyed buildings are fixed, but your soul is still in a bad shape. You have risen up stronger, proud and more beautiful, but guess you never fully recovered, and you implanted it in your citizens. There is some sadness in their eyes, some indifference and melancholy. You can’t blame them. People are sick, physical pain and diseases taking control over their lives. And people are loosing the fight. The others are suffering in their heads and hearts, caught with depression and suicidal thoughts. I knew what PTSP is before I could even spell it.

Employment decreasing, taxes rising, people getting married in order to get divorced, new babies born for no choice of life they’ll have. Raised to hate and reject, they might fit in. Those raised to love and share will discover life is unfair. Soon there will be no kids to educate, schools will remain empty. Experienced old teachers are getting sacked, no need for new, fresh ones. They will not be needed anymore, because who needs education anyway?

You are very pretty, beautiful and calm, but that’s just not enough for me. Now when I grew older, I’m in search of something with a brain, too. I’m looking for some deeper relationship with better mutual understanding. Need something to hold me not to fall, but at the same time to let me be myself. Sorry for wanting too much, I know you’ve got a lot on your mind already. I didn’t want to be a burden to you. But don’t hold me down. Never again. I hope you will understand I had to leave for a better life.

I came to a very chaotic and disordered place, though, but I breathe free. I am unchained of the borders in my head, I reached the desires of my heart, with a pinch of destiny, and I am set free.

I didn’t want to be sick anymore. I’m trying to avoid pills and drink less. I’m trying to clear my head of all the stress I carried around. Wake up every day with anticipation for good things to come, and for good things to remain. Walking hand in hand with hope that everything is going to be fine. There is no physical or emotional pain. My heart misses a lot, but now it’s beating faster every day. And this is a very realistic dream. But I am awake, live and kicking.

is this reality real?

distorted sleep
The time has come. This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. Forever. Finally. The moment when I don’t want to fall asleep.  The time when my reality is better then my dreams.
If I close my eyes, is it all going to vanish?
If I wake up the next day or night, will I still remember the exact moments I had lived?
Probably not. But I might remember feeling(s). Feelings that were once (not) real. Feelings that were only imagination and scattered ideas in my heart. They are now in my head, re-lived, alive and kicking. They came out on the daylight. They actually happened. They are fullfilled. Now what?
Maybe we should kiss a little.

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