fake brick colorful wall

When I decided to paint the wall across my hometown house, I didn’t have an idea for a long time. Then one day I saw graffiti ‘just another brick in the wall’, and it dawned on me: I will make fake bricks! it is simple DIY but takes time to prepare the wall and to paint it completely.


First you measure the wall you are about to paint and draw lines with the pencil. Then you randomly color the bricks with facade paint.


You can reuse the same paint many times; once you are done with one color, just add more white for lighter shade or color pigment in order to mix another color.


Once you are done with coloring, make brick contours. You can use the tape for more accurate lines, but if you hand paint directly, it will look even more realistic. You can also put the tape before you color the bricks, in order to leave the gaps white.


dinica and roses

That’s about it, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see these happy bricks again!

happy coloring!!!