Cotton clouds

I will never understand completely my fascination with the clouds. This might be the most amazing thing in nature, and yet most people have no interest in them. seeing clouds make me think of the past, of changes we are going through, but at the same time they are something static and present, today in the spur of the moment.

if you are a cloud lover, you can make this home decor with some cotton or cotton balls and fish line or some other thread (I used dental floss instead).


Form cotton in the shape of the cloud; better do not use scissors if you want to achieve The Simpsons cumulus clouds. Add the thread with glue or sew it with a needle, and tape it to your ceiling.

chaos dies


I made this clouds while still living in Croatia, and it made nice home decor, but the only thing I was looking for was the balcony with a view. Now I live in Greece and there is no room for these clouds in my small room, but instead I gaze into the most amazing clouds over the Athens sky, every day.

You are the sky. Everything else, it’s just the weather. (Pema Chodron)